Action 3: Comfortable Weight Calculator

You probably have that number in your head that you want to see, your ‘ideal weight’. To reach this number you will probably need to either lose or gain some weight, right? Before setting off on this overall weight venture, take some time to consider what part of your composition you may need to change.

For example, you might notice a weight change of a loss of 2kg. You think ‘Great! I’m on my way to my ideal weight!’, however, you haven’t been eating a lot and you also haven’t been moving a lot so in fact you have lost 2kg of muscle. Is this a good thing? Would it be better to see a 1kg loss, but you’ve lost 3kg of fat and gained 2kg of muscle because you’ve been eating well and exercising?

Use the calculator below to play around with some numbers to identify what you want your comfortable weight to made of. Identifying the composition can help direct your actions to reaching that comfortable weight.