Action 1: Find your sound


What does balance and harmony feel like to you? Do you feel conflicted between life and work? Are there different battles you are faced within each? How do you deal with life-work stressors? 

Regardless of the individual, their circumstances and mindset style, life-work issues impact everyone and if they aren’t dealt with effectively it could lead to disharmony.  

Do you feel like life and work are mutually exclusive and are constantly competing for your attention? Are these separate or equal? 

Within this goal be open to exploring a different perspective. These two distinct worlds do collide and are linked with different purposes, cultures and relationships.  

Do you see life and work as a harmonious arrangement that is integrated into a single narrative of life? 

Do you want to find harmony within your world? 

Find your sound

Music is powerful in allowing us to express what we are feeling and in some situations even alter our mood. It helps us combat perceived stress, anxiety, sleep and improves our psychological well–being.  

Take some time to create your ultimate ‘Harmony’ playlist.  

Whether it’s Ziggy Alberts or Amity Affliction that gets you releasing some tension and feeling calm, plug in and let your body belong to the music.