Action 2: Rock balancing


What does balance mean to you? 

In Chapter 9 you explored life-work balance. We discussed moments and you looked at your current and ideal week. If you were to reflect on that chapter now, would you change anything? What resonated with you the most? 

Go further and explore your life-life balance (life outside of work) and your work-work balance (life inside of work). Are these different? What more would you want in these categories of your life? Does one cause a ripple effect in the other? 

Are you happy with the balance you have between life-life, work-work and life-work? 

Rock balancing

Balancing is an artform, it requires a certain skillset of discipline and patience.   

I challenge you! 

  1. Get outside and find some rocks and stones. 
  2. Begin to balance the rocks/stones on top of each other.  
  3. Focus on the task at hand and try to quiet your mind. 
  4. Once you have stacked a few or your tower has crashed, tune into your thoughts. Reflect on your current situation and your balance.  

Do you feel the rocks represent anything in your life? 

Are you able to find balance?