Action 4: Wellness Essentials

Your Pain Bubble | Expanding your tolerance.

When your body experiences pain for long periods of time you can become hypersensitive to certain external influences. Remember, pain does not exist unless your brain determines a threat within your body, and to throw another spanner in the works, usually the site of the pain, isn’t necessarily the root cause.

Have you heard of the word, Nociception? This word is important when talking about pain because nociception is a process where stimulation is communicated through the nervous system, both the peripheral and central system. The stimulation itself is called “noxious stimulation” which means actual or potential damage or harm to tissues within the body, resulting in pain.

Potentially, from your injury or condition your body is producing rapid, global responses to minor changes because overtime there has been a shift in the sensitivity of your central nervous system causing hypersensitivity. Your brain has created a sensitive environment and there is a chance you are experiencing false pain signals. So, how do we combat this sensitivity?

Let’s calm your pain and alleviate your brain networks.

Wellness Essentials