Action 5: Putting the pieces together

What works for you | Putting the pieces together.

After exploring your pain bubble, we must find what works for you. We are all unique creatures that respond to external stimuli differently, so, strategies that help others, may not help you.

Are you aware of your thresholds?

What strategies in your toolbox help with alleviating your pain? What tactics exacerbate or aggravate your pain? Do some work on one day and not the other?

Putting the pieces together

It’s time for some trial and error.

Grab 2 trays or small boxes. Name one “Working for me” and the other “Not my bodies favourite at the moment” (or something along those lines). As you begin your above action plan exploring your bodies capabilities through the power of movement and mindfulness intervention, write on a piece of paper the approach you tried and place it in the corresponding box.

Even if you have a number of papers in your “Not my bodies favourite at the moment” tray, it’s exactly that, its not working at the moment. Over time, I challenge you to try the papers in this tray again, and maybe more than once to allow your body to adapt and adjust to it.

This is a good exercise that will help you understand what works for your body, what your body craves and how it responds. Trust the process, learn and understand that there will be days you will plateau and be in pain. Be patient, good things take time and your body needs to do a million things internally to get you back on the track you want.