Action 1: Forest or tree or packaging


Where in the world are you?  Where were you? Where are you going? Your world is changing and in this section we want to allow you to build your opinion on your world, its climate, its changes, environmental impacts, timelines and facts.  Can you make a difference?

In Chapter 14 you took a step outside of the elevator into the world. What did you expect to see, smell, hear, feel? What if that image of glaciers, mountains, lakes and rivers was just a freeway next to a manmade storm drain and some factories. The moose, caribou, bears and wolves were replaced with labradoodles and elephants in enclosures.

Your freedom of no map, no directions is now an app on your watch telling you where you have to be.

The truth is that there is one planet but more than one world to explore. What do you really know and is this true or just what you have heard?

Forest or tree or packaging

Before we really connect to the resources take a few moments to read Chapter 17 “Society | AI | News” to familiarise yourself on your approach to news and information. Can you take media with a pinch of salt or are you willing to dig a little deeper and maybe discover some diamonds?