Action 2: Band-Aid for a bullet wound

A fundamental fear provides reasons for being afraid of different stimulus. You are fearful of something which could potentially make you sensitive to fearing another situation.

Could you be in a state of fear without feeling afraid?

We all have a desire to know, so what happens when we don’t have control and there are unknowns we are faced with?

We have the power to select and become aware, we also have the power to ignore and avoid. Sometimes in order to get through the day we need to find ways to cope with internal and external demands and pressures. Passive or active strategies like humour, meditation, denial, blame and exercise are ways people cope.

Do you have the tendency to avoid, ignore or deny information your body and external stimulus are trying to show you? Are you avoiding because you are fearful? What happens when you cope and avoid for too long? Do you think this will have a cost or consequence further down the line?

Band-Aid for a bullet wound


  • 1x packet of Band-Aids
  • Honesty and willingness to confront the difficult truth.


  1. Take one Band-Aid at a time and write down a coping mechanism you are doing that is blocking your progress.
    • How many Band-Aids do you have?
    • Are you sure they are the only ones? Is it confronting seeing them in front of you?
  2. At the back of your journal there are blank pages. Grab a Band-Aid, stick it on the page and write about it.
    • Are you aware of how often you use this strategy?
    • How does it make you feel?
    • What new gear, or habit can you shift into to begin to deal with this Band-Aid in a healthy way?
  3. Reinforcements: Reflect and review Chapters 6, 7 and 8.