Action 1: Developing a foundation


We know there are 7 wonders of the world, but what about the wonders of your body?

Our body is an extra-ordinary, amazing vessel with limitless potential. From the different involuntary systems within us that communicate so we can function to the incredible healing process of ligaments, muscles, bones and scars. People study for years, even decades to understand our reproductive system, our neural networks, our brain, our conscious, how our body developments, recovery and how it all connects automatically. To put it simply, our bodies are insane and wonderful.

So, what happens when we take advantage of our system?

Developing a foundation

1. Healthy V Sick |

Do you feel healthy? Do you understand the difference between feeling healthy and sick? I don’t mean the difference between having and not having the flu.

As scary as it is, we begin aging the moment we are born. This is something we obviously cannot influence; however, we can lead a balanced life that helps our body to thrive and feel good allowing us to age gracefully.

Do you feel balanced?

This world can be magical and inspiring, yet when we take advantage, we can mutate and manipulate the good.

Before your next action take 5 minutes to listen to the Matthew McConaughey’s speech in Chapter 1. Following this, review Chapter 14. Be honest and critical with your answers, so when those elevator doors open you know what step to take to be better.

We know you have power of choice and you are in control of your decisions, so what kind of decisions do you make? Do you allow temptation, self-sabotage, and impulse to interfere? Would changing and influencing your answers contribute to a healthier you?

Do you spend time moving throughout the day OR are you confined to your chair?

Do you spend time in nature OR are you constantly indoors?

Do you limit your screen time OR are your eyes fixated?

Do you choose to eat fatty, processed foods OR fresh produce?

Do you smoke, take drugs and medications OR do you use natural supplements and interventions?

Do you constantly complain and see negative in situations OR do you see the glass half full?

You made a commitment and you explored your patterns and habits, so now it’s time to actually do those healthy things you want or should do.

2. Create routine |

Discipline and consistency are two important factors so check in with yourself and make sure you are on the right track. Write down one ritual within the 3 components below that you want to change within your life.

  • MIND
  • MVMT
  • CXN

3. Track your wellness |

Tracking progress, changes and feeling over time is essential in understanding your peaks and troughs, what factors influence changes and what strategies help you succeed. To explore your habits further, we must collect data over a long period of time.