Action 3: Google it!

Do you thrive under pressure? Are you constantly firing on all cylinders and performing at capacity?

The world, society, work, cultures and even ourselves demand a high level of effort and performance. We live in a fast-paced world and in order to keep up we need to maintain a dynamic, energetic and vigorous lifestyle. What happens when we don’t prioritise recovery?

It’s obvious we can still be successful in both life and work, even if we do smoke, drink, have excess weight, take drugs and have a negative mindset. In saying that, do you think this can be sustained without long-term consequences?  Can someone work to their full potential if they don’t have a solid foundation?

Google it!

What’s your understanding on acute and chronic stress? How does recovery fit into maintaining homeostasis and equilibrium within your body?

Sometimes it’s more powerful to find the answer on our own accord. Take 10 to research and understand stress v recovery:

  1. What is difference between acute and chronic stress?
  2. What strategies can you implement to help you manage your stress?
  3. Why is recovery so important?
  4. How can you balance your performance with recovery?