Action 1: Chapter 10


Before we can leave our comfort zone we need to find out where our comfort ends.  Every day we take steps towards and even over our the threshold and without realising it, we extend this zone with confidence and learning.

In the “Commitment” chapter of the journal you agreed to “choose to have difficult conversations and less convenience in your life.  To leave your comfort zone and move into a world where magic happens”.

So let’s discover and venture out.

Chapter 10

Go back to Chapter 10 in the journal and re-read the 3 short stories. What is your spider or vertigo limit?

  1. Pick 1 action that you feel is outside your comfort zone today. Just something small to begin with.
  2. Google that action and learn all you can about it.
  3. Read Chapter 4 “Power of Choice”.
  4. Make a decision to face the fear and then use your power of choice for the next step.

By doing the research, educating yourself and facing the action you have already stepped well outside your comfort zone. Well done!