Action 2: Self observation

Being in your comfort zone is cool and no-one can change that. My question to you however is “what is your comfort zone?”

If you are knowledgeable, stress free with no anxiety then you are in you comfort zone, a happy place as fundamentally anxiety is a fear of the unknown.

If you are fidgety and anxious when in the kitchen or the sitting watching TV you are somehow outside of your comfort zone. Why?

Self observation

Make a short entry in the back pages of the journal on times you feel anxious or unsettled and then take some time to think through these times to identify a source if you can.

Once this has been found can you repeat the process in the first action above and confront or overcome it?

TIP: Chapter 7 “Problems v Barriers” may help to break down your current wall and help re-build a more efficient one.

There is not one comfort zone, there are many comfort zones out there for you to hurdle over, knock down and push out the boundaries. Why not make a list of 5 things you’d love to do, face or overcome and write them in back of your journal. Pick a time and consider each one and repeat the process above…think of it as getting your “P” plates of leaving your comfort zone.

You don’t need luck…you’ve got this!