Queen Elizabeth II


Head of the Commonwealth | Queen | Wife | Sister | Mother | Grandmother

Below is an extract from My Mind Voyage – GWT Ed1

Queen Elizabeth II Power of Choice

Illustration is copyright of My Inspiration Never Dies 2021

At just 25 years of age, Elizabeth II acceeded to the throne after the death of her father the previous year.

A choice to commit for life.

“Therefore I am sure that this, my coronation, is not the symbol of a power and a splendour that are gone but a declaration of our hopes for the future, and for the years I may, by God’s grace and mercy, by given to reign and serve you as your queen.”

A young lady met the junction and while seemingly unable to turn back or stand still the above extract from her coronation speech transmitted to millions globally on 2nd June 1953.  She showed strength not only to choose forwards, but specifically to commit her entire being to her people of the commonwealth and the broader people of the world. She used the power of choice to its full extent and never stepped away from since.

Some choices are more difficult due to influences outside of your own and it is essential these are considered, balanced and placed in perspective of your personal journey.

On 31st August 1997, Queen Elizabeth II’s world was tragically shaken with the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.  Media and speculation wrote of the absence of emotion and feeling by the Queen at the time of the accident and in the following days. There was “public outcry” of dissatisfaction and anger towards her not leaving her residence in Aberdeenshire, Scotland (Balmoral Castle) and going to “the nations cries” in London where millions showed their upset and respect at Buckingham Palace.

The truth however, is that Elizabeth Alexandra May was performing a more poignant role, a necessary and deeply compassionate role that she had been bestowed.  Queen Elizabeth II was doing her duty as a Grandmother to the princes William and Harry, as beyond the crown and diplomacy, their mother had just died.

You see, choice is around us consistently and it is in your power to exercise your right of choice. Sometimes it is popular, sometimes it is essential, sometimes it is a risk but above all, you have the power to choose and stick by your decision.

Have you made a choice against your will to please your people?  If so, would you choose differently if at the same junction today?  There is no right or wrong and the consideration of others, environments, risk, opportunity and impact are all present at the junction.

Queen Elizabeth II has been at the junction several times a day for a lifetime and has become an expert at moving forwards with agility and purpose as an individual human being with a role and commitment to fulfill.