GWT Edition 1 – Physical Journal


“An interactive journal experience”

Purchase your personal, physical journal that mirrors the resources and chapters of your subscription allowing personal notes and time to reflect on paper.



“An interactive journal experience”

A deluxe, bound journal where you can write your personal notes aligned exclusively with the virtual content.  Each page features fantastic illustrations and space to explore your thoughts.

This is a voyage that follows three unique phases deconstructing your life’s journey in YOU | WORLD | REFLECTION. A journal that combines our physical world with virtual reinforcement allowing you to express yourself and explore your reality on different levels.

It’s a physical journal that pokes on raw nerves, asks difficult questions and makes you feel uncomfortable, in a comfortable way.

It builds a platform for change, growth, and adaptation diving into 24 chapters like power of choice, calm v chaos, overcoming trauma and society, AI, and the news.

This voyage is what you make it, you have the power.