Take a moment and read carefully.

What is your character drawn to? How do you see the elements reflected in your life today?

We hear phrases like “eye of the tiger” or “man’s best friend”, all relating to traits and qualities in animals we wish to have within ourselves.

My Inspiration Never Dies invites you to self-assess with this short exercise. Simply read the traits of the elements of our logo and rate them, in your honest opinion in the form below and our team will send you your very unique MIND fingerprint image to share, reflect and be proud of.

The rating should be 0 being the lowest or 5 being the highest when it comes to an element strength in your character. For example if you think your character is a great visionary to find purpose, rate the Eagle as 4 or 5 and if you feel patience is something you could work on, rate the Koi Fish as a lower 0, 1 or 2. Take time to rate every element.