Trial – Work Life Balance Sheet

Trial – Work Life Balance Sheet

Work Life? Did you read the title right?

I put life before work. Quite unusual to see when people talk about “work-life” balance.

Why is it the norm to work most of our life? Or even work when we
don’t really need to be? Why does work come before life? We are allowed to start working at the ripe age of 15 and on average we retire at age 67. That is approximately 52 years of work with only 2 to 4 weeks of holidays per year.

Do you see anything wrong with that?

My Inspiration Never Dies

My Inspiration Never Dies offers tools and support to help you navigate the transition from your current work life balance to a more effective, enjoyable and sustainable life work balance in the My Mind Voyage interactive journal experience and here you can download an example of the “Life work balance sheet” to have a go at in your personal journey.

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